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Restorative Drying: Protects Your Health & Saves Your Property


Airmovers drying carpeting, pad and subfloor
FLIR infrared camera with thermal imaging technology provides the most advanced moisture detection available Castle Carpet Cleaning's technicians are IICRC Certified in Water Damage Restoration, Advanced Structural Drying, and Applied Microbial Remediation and are the most experienced in drying your property.today and guarantees your property is dry.

Drying your flooded or water damaged property decreases or eliminates the need to demolish or remove your home's ceilings, walls, floors, and floor coverings. With the largest inventory of water-damage and flood drying equipment in the Quad-cities market (Lewiston-Clarkston-Moscow-Pullman) area, we can dry your property fast and prevent any chance of mold or mildew from occurring.

Fast and thorough drying

A flooded or water damaged property that is not quickly and thoroughly dried risks mold, mildew and other fungal growth. This is especially true when the water or moisture continuously or repeatedly wets or dampens your walls, ceilings, or floors.

If your home or commercial property floods, you must first remove all of the flood water and then quickly remove all of the residual moisture. With safety your first concern and the help of a plumber if necessary, terminate or repair the floodwater’s source.

Next, you must have all of the flood water removed from the property and the flood affected areas dried quickly and thoroughly to remove all residual moisture. When you call Castle Carpet Cleaning, your flood water will be quickly removed and your property dried quickly and completely.

Dry-to-Standard in Days

Dry carpets, floor and walls

Now you can have your flooded home or property returned to its pre-flood condition in a matter of days. Our new drying technology provides the fastest, safest, least disruptive, and cost effective flood service available. You’ll have less mess, less stress, and less expense.

Most if not all of what floods can be safely and quickly dried, without the need to replace, and the expensive mess of demolition and reconstruction. Yes, sometimes floods cause damage that requires replacement, but those floods are the exception and not the rule. Let us show you how quick and painless a flooded home can be.

Odor & Mildew Prevention

Yes, things will dry by themselves. In fact, all we do is help Mother Nature dry your home or commercial property. But our help is critical, because it accelerates the drying process and rapid and thorough drying is absolutely necessary to prevent odor, mold and mildew problems. If moisture is not removed quickly enough, secondary damage may occur and it starts with odor, and proceeds to mold, mildew, rot, and decomposition.

Dries within Days

With the area’s largest inventory of drying equipment, including air-movers, dehumidifiers, wall and ceiling driers, heaters and air-scrubbers, we’ll have your home or commercial property dried within as little as two or three days.

With our large equipment inventory, the industry’s finest testing tools, professional training, and over fifteen years of experience, we’ll make your flood just a minor inconvenience instead of turning it into a major catastrophe.

Wall and ceiling cavity drying

Wall and Ceiling Drying Systems

Heated, pressurized, and dehumidified air pumped into wall and ceiling cavities speeds their drying and avoids the risk of mold and mildew. Modern testing equipment determines exactly what are needed drying and when the drying is finished.

Hardwood Flooring Drying Systems

Hardwood floor drying system

Specially designed panels for drying hardwood floors push or pull the moisture out of your wood floor with heated, pressurized and dehumidified air. This hardwood floor drying system speeds up the drying process and reduces or eliminates any sign of your wood floor having been wet.

FLIR Infrared Camera

When you call Castle Carpet Cleaning you save wood floors instead of replacing and refinishing them, which saves you both time and money.


FLIR Infrared Camera

Thermal imaging photographs

Thermal images of your flooded property assure the complete removal of all residual moisture. With infrared technology from the industry leading FLIR IR Camera we locate any hidden moisture, thoroughly document your job and guarantee its completion.

At Castle Carpet Cleaning, we also use penetrating pin and non-penetrating pin-less moisture meters, carpet and pad hydro-sensors, and combination psychrometers & thermohygrometers to test your flood affected areas and determine exactly where the moisture still remains and when the moisture has been completely removed.

Carpet Mushrooms

Carpet mushrooms grow quietly in the dark
Carpet mushrooms near baseboard heater

After even the smallest flood or slow leak, if your carpet, pad and subfloor may sprout mushrooms such as those pictured here.

Those shiny little guys are not pieces of caramel taffy candy. They were found under the bed of a local college student who was not too happy with the discovery of his mushroom garden. are not completely and quickly dried they may sprout carpet mushrooms. Moisture remaining in carpet, pad or subfloor may sprout mushrooms such as those pictured here.

Don't let these critters grow in your home. If you have a flood, no matter how small, let us dry your home or property and make sure nothing unwanted grows under your bed.

Mold on Walls

Mold on wet wallsMold on walls in large colonizations

The right combination of moisture and temperature without adequate drying of these walls resulted in very large and visible colonization of mold.After unwanted water or moisture enters a home or property, the walls, ceilings and cabinets must be tested and then thoroughly dried; otherwise they are at risk of mold as seen in these pictures. Slow and persistent leaks are most often the cause, but any flood that is not thoroughly dried to standard poses the risk of mold on walls.

At Caste we use specialized testing equipment that both determine the location of the moisture in your floors, ceilings, and walls, and the amount of moisture at those positive areas. We then dry those areas until they test as dry as the unaffected areas of the same construction materials.

Rot and Decomposition

Rot and decomposition from slow leak.

A slow, under the sink leak in an upstairs apartment went undetected in the unoccupied downstairs apartment causing major damage to the ceiling and a horrible outbreak of mold.

If your home or commercial property floods, you can avoid the mushrooms, mold, rot and decomposition by calling Castle Carpet Cleaning for Water Removal and Restorative Drying.

When you call Castle, you get powerful truck-mounted extraction using specialized water removal equipment, plus submersible pumps for deep flood water conditions. You also get the benefit of the area's largest inventory of drying equipment, IICRC Certified training, and years of experience drying flooded homes and properties. After your home or property has been dried-to-standard we can also help you rebuild or replace permanently damaged materials.